27 February 2011


up on the hohensalzburg castle, salzburg, austria 2010

26 February 2011

london calling

im not a big fan of fashion shows but being a HUGE fan of british fashion,
i do catch up with some of them in the london fashion week.

the best one i have to say, it must be the one from the extremely talented duo, meadham kirchhoff.
the show was absolutely AMAZING!!  its like a big brunch of glamourous deviled catholic school girls (well, and some boys) doing a flash mob in a pscho theme tune, all marched onto the runway once the show has just started. walked super fast, twice, and its the end of the show.  you just have no time to study each outfit properly before they walk past.  it has completely blown me away and its just so much fun to watch. 

and yeah again, just like the show they did in ss11, their hair and makeup are equally stunnng.  the dark hair roots with french braids and curly fringe combo is just so cool! adding to the bright red lips and cute dotty eye make up, theyre just brilliant!  ahhhhh i love this collection and the idea so much ♥

go there if you havent seen it yet, its just a show shouldnt be missed!

and here are my favourite picks from the show:
all black and white, with lots of layers, velvet bows, thick woolen socks and the winkle picker thingy lace-up kitten heels.  okay, im gonna bring out my piggy bank and start saving up for my next winter's wardrobe.

+  +  +  +  +

and my next favourite show is, of course, the topshop unique.

needness to say, they are all wearable and affordable. this is why i love it so much.
super cute minnie mouse hair buns with black velvet bows attached (again!), 101 dalmatians and nautical references, teaming with loads of beautiful peter pan collars and fluffy faux fur accessories.  oh, they are all so lovely arent they?

my favourite picks:
1. see through dotty collar blouse,
2. 101 dalmatians patterned sailor dress,
3. camel sailor coat and
4. the beautiful tights to die for! 

oh and im in love with the super cute pink hair buns ♥

+ + + + +

and here comes house of holland.

i used to think henry holland is just a one hit wonder, who knows even the brilliant luella would have gone before him?
anyway, there're some lovely pieces i found in his show.  mostly inspired from vintage fashion i supposed. 
the zebra print outfits is just so cute and very luella ss07 and the cute lilac bird coat does reminds me of PPQ one a couple of years ago.

so whats your favourite show in the lfw? x

25 February 2011

you dont have to stay forever i will understand

it just keeps going on and on again in my head after the burberry show,
well i do like it though (and of course her lovely dress!) x

21 February 2011

and here comes spring

really hate this spring weather, how miserable.
well im glad ive got these lovely tunes to cheer myself up though :)

hopefully the weather is fine at your side x

13 February 2011


watched tangled today and the lanterns scene is soooooo beautiful that makes me cry (well, almost...) ♥

04 February 2011

hoppy new year

happy hoppy bunny year people : )
which means day offs + loads of celebrations.

at home we've arranged some lovely chinese new year flowers,
decorated with some cute bows made with red ribbons as usual.

i love cherry blossoms. they're nice arent they?

oh by the way, on the chinese new year eve i got this lovely purse from sonia by sonia rykiel. mission accomplished!
im so very very happy and im so in love with it! well, its pretty heavy though.

i reckon its gonna be a lovely year, hope you all have a great one ; ) x
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