30 March 2010

i'll write a song for you and put on my next LP

so this is a very sweet one ♥

28 March 2010

laid back or just lazy?

so this is how my saturday ended up with.

cake and book
i spent my whole afternoon reading book and eating the leftover chocolate cake.

managed to shorten the vintage dresses i bought from thrift store but have failed to do so.
so fingercross i'll get them sorted in the easter holiday then ;) x

23 March 2010

stoned dongb

my stupid dongbs got stoned with matatabi!! ha ha ha

15 March 2010

its always like this

havent been up for long but im really sleepyyyy.... zzzZZzzzzZzzzzz
i hope it will be a much proper post next time ;)

my current favourite tune, always like this by the lovely bombay boys ♥
im so glad they won the nme!

07 March 2010

shopping time

it was I.T sale yesterday (a huge fashion select shop at my local).
i went there with my lovely mandy straight after work and here are what ive got :)

miss bibi rings
these beautiful rings from miss bibi, the heels one's for me and the phone is for my sis.
i just couldnt believe they are in 80% off!!

miss bibi rings
see im always a fan in accessories!  im so happy ;)

glittery shoes
and these beautiful glittery shoes from poudoudou, one of my favourite brand when i was still a fan of japanese fashion.
it reminds me of the magical dorothy's slipper in the wizard of oz!
ive just rewatched it on TCM channel again this evening, i love old movies ♥
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