31 July 2010

today i visited a handicrafts market.

today i visited a handicrafts market at JCCAC.
it was massive and im well amazed by the quality of the stuffs there : ) they are all made by talented handicrafters.


and i was wearing
oversize collar dress - vintage on etsy
hair bow barrette - h&m
ruffle ankle socks - lowrys farm
clogs - topshop
handbag - vintage burberrys
rings / necklaces / watch - vintage / h&m / zucca

21 July 2010

purely magic

i love florence so much. she is purely magic xxx

18 July 2010

blog lag

ive been running out of time on everything i should / need to do.
okay… so heres a quick peek at what I've been up to this past weeks (mainly shopping shopping shopping because of the sale season!). 
i feel like ive been missing in action but ive really just been busy busy busy!  

im such an accessories freak! i just cant put my eyes off anything sparkle and shiny ♥
from left to right: watch - zucca / pastel stones rings - h&m / nail polish - office, american apparel /
necklace - urban outfitters / heels ring - miss bibi / safety pin bracelet - cheap monday

unboxing my new shoes with my pretty boy.
ive been wanting a pair of underground creepers for a while and i finally brought them home ( ;

more accessories: boots necklace - vintage / heart shaped kitty print necklace - h&m kids (my recent favourite!) /
popcorn necklace - tatty devine (i lost the popcorn charm the other day...  *sad face*)

i was wearing the black & gold g-shock of my best friend. im so in love with it and its currently on the top of my wish list!

in my new sandals from topshop, polka dots tights from h&m.

another sandals ive got from topshop. its made from leather from top to bottom, and its super comfy too!

fooling around in the empty mall.

dont you just love popcorns? chocolate and caramel are my favourite! nom nom nom ♥

and my secret lust for lily allen.  she is just so pretty in the august elle!

its so hot here in hongkong, i wish i could go swimming with the polar bear in the arctic! ha ha x

11 July 2010

lets go outside and rise rise rise to the meaning of life

its been a very busy week.  havent really got time to catch up on my favourite blog, not to mention updating my own one.  well, weve been blessed by the really lovely weather though.

so here are some photos taken in the last weekend, my very first picnic this summer ♥

playsuit:  topshop petite
ankle socks: anna sui
sandals: clarks
hat: h&m
necklace: vintage & tatty devine
tote: tatty devine

lying on the green + listening to florence & the machine + soap bubbles + sunshine + lakeside + ice mocha at starbucks after the sun = ♥
so what have you been up to love? x

03 July 2010

nails nails nails ♥

sometimes i buy nail polish not because its colour but its name.
like this one from revlon, gum drop, which is lilac actually. how cute is that?

so these are what i have bought lately, from left to right:
gum drop (lilac) from revlon (which is fragranted!) / office (mint green) from american apparel / jealousy (hot pink) from majolica majorca
and they all made up of my top nail colours for this summer ♥

i was just managed to try all these colours on but it turns out very cute wearing them together!
so which colour do you like the most?  the mint green one is my favourite, after my failure to get nouvelle vague from chanel. (i was far too busy to pay a visit to the shop last month *sad face*)
i even got stopped by random people on the street and asked about this pretty colour twice! its pretty cool innit? ; ) x

+   +   +   +   +

02 July 2010

how I would love to gnaw, gnaw on your bones so white

yay! im having my days off 4 days in a row, and am so blessed with the lovely weather.
hey mister blue sky, thank you so much!  i love you ♥
managed to go under the sun in the afternoon but the sun is just too bright and hot to go outside,
its like you would get sunburnt no matter how much tanning oil youve put on. 

instead, i spent my day back at home hanging with my lovely boy.
listened to some good music and napped in the cool summer breeze (yeah i love sleep! lol)

and this is what good music meant to me...

another video filmed by watch, listen and tell for the bbcs forth coming folk (aka acoustic) album, flaws.
i actually feel like a stupid little fan for keep posting their music on my blog. but honestly i really love their music and they are just so talented.  well anyway, this is the latest song from them.  all the music was written by jack with some old lyrics taken from joanna newsoms same title song.  this is all so beautiful! the melody, the lyrics, the vocals and even the video.  i got goosebumps when i first heard it and immdediately fell in love with it ♥

and this one called ivy and gold, which they have been played in gigs for a while.
its playful melody makes me happy whenever i heard it ; ) .

its just gonna be one of my favourite tunes of the summer!
have you noticed theres a bear (or a fox??) at the back? 
its awefully cute! LOVE LOVE LOVE ♥

love, vannnn x

hn ♥ lula

hn ♥ lula
harveynichols ♥ lula

hn ♥ lula

hn ♥ lula

hn ♥ lula
im so in love with the kitty tote bag by charles anastase for longchamp!
sources: here x
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