23 July 2009

lovefoxxx for graniph

Following up on last year's collaboration, graniph once again teams up with the enigmatic lead vocalist of Brazilian disco-punk outfit CSS, LOVEFOXXX for another limited edition T! Celebrate CSS's appearance at this Japan's hottest music festival SummerSonic with this cool release! Each t-shirt comes with a special present from LOVEFOXXX herself - a unique handwritten autograph!!

ahhhhhh! i cant love you more miss lovely luisa!

20 July 2009

the mega patchwork wall blanket

finally i decided not to use it as my wall blanket,
may be dongb would want it as his own blanket instead.



'the blanket is mine.' dongb said.

18 July 2009

the raging storm outside

and dont forget the hillarious weather reporter!

16 July 2009

dreyers dreyers dreyers

its always on the top of my list though i dont like dessert at all.
the creamiest ice-cream ever! and it always reminds me of my happy childhood.

i just dont understand why other people just go loco about haggen dazs.
too sweet, too horrible. EEEEEK!

topshop lookbook aw09


cant believe the topshop one is out as well! these girls in black are so cool, mysterious yet lovely. sadly & ironically that im not the kind of girl who can put the black on though its supposed to be everyones best pick. i feel horrible everytime i look into the mirror wearing black. its just soooo not me, totally another person (if i have to describe it, its MK to the hongkongers, chavy gangster style to the west i can say). and thats why navy is always at the top of my list, the closest colour to black which i can afford mentally.

'if you are not the cool girl type dont try to be'
may be i should stay wearing the baby colours till forever. (ARGGHHHHH! this is even more HORRIBLE! :S )

14 July 2009

manoush aw09

the cute peterpan-collar-blouse with ruffled rara skirt

and the signature pink & red combo!

the lookbook of manoush aw09 is finally out! AWWW! theyre just tooo adorable!

so these are my best picks from the pretty brunch. the peter pan collar and the way the pink goes with the red, its just so childlike, so innocent and its just so manoushy!

in this season, they literally team everything from boylish to girlish, from manish to feminent with a pair of doc. martens, the best combo i love! oh look at that, the golden shoes are just too cool with everything it teams with! it simply makes me wanna get another pair and another pair and another pair! my longest wishlist for a single brand of footwear ever.

actually, theres already another pair at the top of my list:

the pointed zip-up one in black.
from the lookbook of perminent vacation ss09. and i want a pair of these leggings too!
apparently the postage is too much for me.

nyway, finally i can get the manoush dress that i wished for so long. its in PURPLE, my SORBET PURPLE of the summer! just cant wait for the delivery from my sis tomorrow <3

13 July 2009


from teen vogue

matt the tweedle-twins

i wasnt excited about tim burtons new act of alice in wonderland at all until i saw this..

its my all-time-favourite matt lucas (a.k.a. vicky / andy / majorie / ellie grace... from little britain) as the tweedledee & tweedledum!!!!!

though this role / costume is so weird i still cant wait to see him in the theatre :D
matt rocks!! ahhhahahaa!

08 July 2009

the tenner shop

i was watching the michael jackson memorial when i wrote my blog last night.
it was half 3 in the morning, i was writing the last line; my eyes were semi-closed and i almost fell asleep straight on my laptop (!!!)
in this zombie status i could still managed to click on the 'publish' button before jumped into my bed. how cool is that!!

on the next day i read through my entry last posted, it was full of typos and not really makes sense at all.

so this is the end of the story (!!)

candice have once told me there are lots of cool stuffs for props finding in the tenner shop.
after reading this entry on her blog, i then decided to give it a go, a visit since ages ago.

as there is no a single tenner shop around my area, i can only visit the one nearby where i work within my an hour LIMITED lunch time. once i steped into the shop, i couldnt believe what i have seen in my eyes! look at these cute little bunnies with pretty rosies surround their necks, they are so lovable and just cost me a tenner each! which is too amazing <3 (well, it would be even better if they are kitties though. hehe) and now these 2 little sweethearts have moved in with me and the wooden piggy and they are also gonna be part of my desk changing project! cant wait to continue my works in the weekend, its gonna be so much fun!

so its a quarter past 3 in the morning again, ive partly gone zombie and i better fall in love with my pillow and blanket now.
nitenite sleep tight <3

07 July 2009

feeling creative

Im feeling incredibly creative today :D

so inspired by the treasures found in the market yesterday <3 Ive reconstructed a vintage dress that I newly bought and made a mega patchwork *wall blanket* for my changing desk project.

the crocheted bit is so cath kidstionary isnt it? im so in love with it.
yes, and this is the sewing machine of my mum that i use for most of my sewing projects.
its super fast and scary, but im so get used to it now :P

who the hell would get this industrial sewing machine back home?
probably my mum is the only one. hahaha

04 July 2009

visiting the crafting market

so its been a long day.

0925 back in office
1400 finished work
1500 lunch at tutto habitsu (was awful)
1630 pick up dongbs food from the vet
1700 arrived the legendary crafting market a.k.a. SSP :D
1830 finished my treasure hunt
1930 bought a new baggy for dongb
2000 visit cheetah mui & tiger mo at andys place
2230 home

HUGE thanks to chu-lo-dai for the drives
kaikai for the shopping plus bargain (im so addicted to bargains lately :S)
and andy for the kitties fun time : )

cant wait to show mum & dongb what ive got
and dongb was so satisfied about his food

dongb dongb i love you soooooo <3
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