29 August 2010

rings, buttons and stuffs

ive been obsessed with rings lately, probably because of my crush on the magical florence welsh. she is just amazing ♥
these love ring from h&m and the arrow-through-heart one from topshop is currently my favourite combo!

+  +  +  +  +

i went to a button shop the other day and found these lovely vintage buttons from the neglected jars on the floor,
it took me ages to pick them out from the horrible ones though.  look at them, how beautiful they are ♥

+ + + + +

my latest purchase... not to mention my long obsession with tights and socks.
yeah i know it sound crazy but i just cant help it!

and the kitty collection of paul and joe 10aw ♥

+ + + + +

and my current favourite song.  i hope you enjoy it love xxx

24 August 2010


this is our saddest day of the decade, may all you unfortunates rest in peace.
for the people who lost their loved ones, life goes on, please stay strong.

read this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-11070342

+   +   +   +   +   +   +

if this is what heaven is like.

14 August 2010

best saturday morning

whats better than waking up on a day off next to your pretty boy and left over muffin? ♥



love the greedy paw ; ) nom nom nom ♥

i spent my day doing nothing but did this little movie of my new kate spade wallet purchased yesterday,
loveliest packing ever!

and listening to lucy rose, this is so lovely. what a beautiful voice she has ♥

im thinking of going to museum tomorrow, not sure though, ive got too much works to do still.
so whats your plan my dear readers? xx


happy friday

so this is how i spent my friday night.
i spent my evening doing shopping shopping shopping with my best mate until midnight, we laugh so much and had so much fun.  we bought the same top and it reminds me of our days back in school so much : )




dress - topshop
studded denim vest - blue heroes
tights - h&m
shoes - underground creepers
necklaces - les bijoux de sophie / cheap monday
bangle - sonia rykiel pour h&m
rings - topshop / h&m
watch - zucca
tote - tatty devine

ive been listening to mystery jets all day.  i love this song and the video is just hilarious!
i love the queen too, she is awesome ♥ x


08 August 2010

meoooooooow ♥

Paul & Joe aw10
paul & joe beaute 10aw

when i first seen it on another | loves i was like: AWWWWWWWWWW!!! OH MY GOD!
how can you not love it? this is just super cuteeeee ♥

Paul & Joe aw10
i cant decide on which one to pick, 067 or 068? so what is your choice? help me!

+   +   +   +   +

me and my boy
to keep it in sync with the meoooooooow topic, here are the webcam shots of me and my beautiful boy ♥
i was in my new vintage sailor dress, will definitely show you in another post soon ; ) (retro hair barrettes from cath kidston) 

my boy
dongb loves massage so much! xxx


06 August 2010

if you want to ride a rainbow come with me

by matthew frost

by matthew frost

and if you want your friend to come then bring them all...
(photos of aggy: matthew frost)

my favourite track from the album, the lyrics are so sweet that melt me down ♥ 
i hope you like it too ; ) x


01 August 2010

hey ♥

just want to show you my new rosey barrette bought at the market yesterday and my new gun n roses tshirt ♥
i bought this tshirt at h&m men section at just HKD50! bargain yeah? im so in love with it, it just fit me so well. 

btw, slash has just done a gig here. i just cant help but think about old greg when i see his photos on papers... ha ha ha (if you know what i mean) xxx

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