31 December 2010

bye 2010

i was managed to sum up my 2010 with a heavy images loaded post but i just couldnt be bother.

anyway, this is i standing besides the giant tiffany & co. christmas tree and gift box, which is same as the one sits besides the somerset house in london!  i was so thrilled when i saw it and thats why i have such a silly photo taken.

anyway, my 2010 has been good so far. hope you have a brilliant new year! love xxx

25 December 2010

love actually is all around

the only time of a year watching this without being judge.
yeah it's cheesy but why not?

once again, a merry merry christmas to you all : )

23 December 2010

2 days before christmas

thought i will not be able to write any blog entry here by christmas,
just a quick merry christmas to you all my lovely people ♥


21 December 2010


some photos taken back in november in munich,  hope you like them : )

instead of a city of sausages and beer, to me, this is a city of dolls, dolls and dolls!

18 December 2010


got this new lipstick from M.A.C. today (they do the best lipstick in town!) and im sooooooo very happy :D
i like the colour so much, its an orangey red and its called cockney ♥ 

red lips ROCK! x

17 December 2010

post box and the love letter

bought this on the day i left england at the heathrow airport,
oh i miss this lovely little country so much :(


15 December 2010


and im sooo merrily merrily happy <3

+ + + + +

ive been listening to this band for a while and thought i should share with you.
their tunes may sound a bit too summery for the weather now but im sure you would like it. so enjoy my lovely people ; ) x

13 December 2010

i just love you more

okay. i have to admit i have a sudden and intense crush on kate nash lately.

i love this song so much, her performance is amazing.
and yeah this is so lovefoxxx i know.

<3 x

12 December 2010

tba at urban outfitters

other than those lovely vintage shops and markets at brick lane,
whenever i visit london, urban outfitters at oxford circus is absolutely one of my favourite *check point*.

i love tba, but i cant afford any.
i was insanely happy when i got to try my favourite tba pieces on at uo when i was in london last month.
theyre lovely, but yeah err.... im just a bit too small for wearing them :(
theyre meant to be mini dress but it becomes knees length on me... sigh.
its good though, otherwise i might cry my heart out cos i cant bring them home!

the velvet antique collar dress

and the silk mushrooms bofriend blazer

+  +  +  +  +

and i was wearing...

fluffy fur hat - vintage bought at brick lane
sailor collar top - laura lees for topshop
hello captain coat - topshop
brick red woolen skirt - ray cassin
tights & top underneath - uniqlo heat tech
girly lace socks - american apparel
boots - vintage bought at portobello market
handbag - vintage burberrys
space scarf - divide by h&m
umbrella - primark (i lost it at heathrow ARGHHHHHHHHHHH D: )

so which is your favourite shop in london? x

10 December 2010

museum + prison

managed to have a reading picnic before the weather gets cold over the weekend.  the sun was shining too bright that we ended up messing around museum and er...  the victoria prison. well theres was a design exhibition held there.

so this is how i spent my weekend with : ) 

i was wearing
dress - monki
tights - h&m
leopard sandals - h&m
hair bow - monki
shopper - rough trade

hope you had a nice weekend x

09 December 2010

I like cream teas and I like reading ghost stories

i have a friend with whom I like to spend
anytime I can find with
i like sleeping in your bed
i like knowing what is going on inside your head
i like taking time and I like your mind
and I like when your hand is in mine


08 December 2010


tried it at hmv last sunday and im in love ♥

+ + + + +
if i could have afford these magical ones ♥

+ + + + +

where the wild things are ♥

+ + + + +

from noah and the whale ♥

+ + + + +

'this song is for anyone who has a broken heart.'
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