30 November 2010

nom nom nom

i bought this bowl for dongb all the way from spitalfield market, i think he likes it ♥ x

28 November 2010

i paint glitter

last friday i painted my nails in lilac glitter, aint they beautiful?
they just perfectly match my glitter stockings ♥

one of my best buys in london, barryM nail polish. ive never seen anyone as glittery as them! x

27 November 2010

snow fox

when i was in london, i literally visited brick lane everyday as where all my favourite vintage stores / flea market are. 
being a vintage lover myself, i was naturally drawn to beyond retro's flagship store at cheshire street,
one of the best and HUGGGE vintage store in london.

another day i was in beyond retro, a lovely sales lady asked me for a picture taken to be featured on their blog.
oh my god i just cant express how flattered i am!  and so things go.
yesterday when i logged into facebook, what's first pop into my eyes was my photo posted by beyond retro!
the editor even described me as a snow fox, awww its just so cute isnt it?
i literally screamed at office when i first seen it, luckily it was in off office hours though :P
the passage written is sooo sweet that simply made my day ♥

TA-DA!! i was probably too shy for a photo taken and has this weird smile. lol

+  +  +  +  +

actually i was walking little lucy with james to the station in that morning. 

look at our matching colours!

and if you can tell, creamy fluffy lucy was my outfits inspiration ; )

so i was wearing...
fluffy fur hat - vintage from brick lane vintage market
granny cardi - vintage from thrift store
ruffle chiffon dress - miss selfridge
tights - opaque 2 color pantyhose (mint/winter) from american apparel
rosey socks - betsey johnson from urban outfitters
minty ballerina pumps - topshop
handbag - vintage burberrys

25 November 2010

im currently

watching the new dvd of my magical vincey princey ♥

reading twenties girl recommended by my lovely sandybaby.

+   +   +   +   +   +   +

listening to the beautiful on melancholy hill.

+ + + + + + +

and tempting to go to their concert in hong kong ♥ x

24 November 2010

grandma glasses ♥

ive been wanting a pair of old grandma glasses for a while (probably because my crush on jack steadman of bbc ♥ lol ),
last week i walked past the flea market on temple street and i found this...

grandma glasses ♥
it just cost me hkd35 = usd4.5 = £3!!! it's brilliant isnt it?
grandma glasses ♥
and i just cant believe how lovely the flea market there is, as i used to reckon temple street equals to junk + second hand porn mags market.  apparently its not entirely what it is.  ive also got some nice vintage accessories there at you-wont-believe-how-cheap-it-is price, which i will definitely show you in another post ; ) .

so here is the grandma glasses of jack i was talking about. awww he's so cute!
well i know most of you dont think so though.

but hes on the 22nd of nme cool list 2010. haha x

22 November 2010

london london i love you

london ♥

london ♥

london ♥

london ♥
london ♥
and i

london ♥
walking little lucy

london ♥
sunset over the river thame
london ♥
vintage hunts
london ♥
park walks

london ♥
brick lane

london ♥
mystery bridge

london ♥
oh london i miss you so much  i just cant wait to see you soon xxx

20 November 2010

meeting noel fielding ♥

one of  the biggest mission of my time in london, i needed to visit my vincey princey art show at maison bertaux back in soho.
i had a lovely time there. i simply love noel sooo much. he is magical and he is awesome. ♥

meeting noel fielding ♥
hello noel ♥ (and my new pair of vintage shoes bought at bricklane!)\

meeting noel fielding ♥
noel and i ♥

meeting noel fielding ♥
super cute russian cat. its a shame that its sold already : (

meeting noel fielding ♥
awwwwww ♥

meeting noel fielding ♥
the best patisserie i have ever ♥

meeting noel fielding ♥
entrance to the jelly fox room

meeting noel fielding ♥

meeting noel fielding ♥

meeting noel fielding ♥
the jellyfox room with noels beautiful cape.

meeting noel fielding ♥
chav ghost LOL

meeting noel fielding ♥
imaging if im on noels bed. yummmm... ♥

meeting noel fielding ♥
if you dont know about this show you should definitely go there. x

and i was wearing:
white fur hat - vintage from brick lane 
hello captain coat - topshop
top - uniqlo heat tech
peter pan collar dress - vintage from etsy
handbag - vintage burberrys
wool tights - h&m kids
cotton lace socks - lowrys farm
shoes - vintage from dirty blonde at brick lane

04 November 2010

from austria with love

so i was off to salzburg in austria, its a really beautiful historical city.
oh but i miss london so much, especially for those wonderful vintage markets out there. ♥









well actually im at munich at the moment, heading to nuremburg in an hour.
gotta get the train in 30 minutes.

byebyeeeeee love xxxxxxxxxx
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