25 April 2010

spring nails + flash a hungry smile

ive been looking for a perfect pale purple nail polish since last summer,
after my failed attempt to buy the limited one from ysl back in february (apparently it sold out immediately after launched), finally i got this!

spring nails
aint it pretty? and its pretty long lasting too ; )

after my pale purple's mission is done, im now hunting for the mint green one!
this chanel ss10 collection is just like my dream, #527 definitely goes on my wishlist ♥

im sooo in love with this new song from mystery jets, its soooo summery!  (well i do think its a disturbing image, but its really a nice song)
free download available at mysteryjets.com. i hope you like it too. xxx

21 April 2010

thank you, thank you ♥

hey loves, a BIIIIG thank you for all the lovely comments on my last blog post!
its just too nice to meet you all my new and long-lost blog friends ; ) sadly i still havent got time to pick up the top from the shop (actually ive bought the pink one before i posting up last post, im just not picking up yet :P ) since im too screwed up at work, even a shopping trip wont help : ( .  hopefully those annoying stuffs back at office will get sorted very soon, so finger crossed, finger crossed.

as a gift to your lovely comments or just to cheer meself up (whatever!), please enjoy this beautiful acoustic set from the bombay bicycle club.  a lovely tune could works better than a retail therapy, ive been looping over this video again and again, its just too pretty! 

yeah im being such a fan, but it does worth you to watch, listen and tell.
like one of the comments said, i want this played at my funeral. lol i just cant wait for their acoustic lp coming out this summer!

or this one from golden silvers...

it makes me a happy person!

so now im off to watch this movie about ian curtis, i hope you like these songs. x

18 April 2010

i need your help

ive bought myself this pretty vintage lace skirt from thrift store lately but i can only wear it as a dress considering my majorly petite height. thus i visited my favourite lingerie store to get a pretty t-shirt to wear underneath with and then found myself got stuck in the choice of colours.


so help me people, brown or pink?

help me

yeah, pardon my crappy phone pics again ;) x

17 April 2010

retro hair slides

hanging out with my lovely pompey mates this evening,
cherry is back from her uk trip and bought me this pretty souvenir from my favourite store cath kidston!

hmmmmm..... lets open and see what it is!


cath kidston retro hair slides
its a lovely pair of retro hair slides!  im sooooo in love with it ♥  im super happy ; )

12 April 2010

summery breeze

one of my most favourite song from arctic monkeys, just like the weather now, its oh so summery ♥
(my dear sid, that's why i like your playlist ;) x )

10 April 2010

new hair, new purse and matching nails ♥

new hair and new purse

today i met up with my best mates,
had a lovely haircut (plus re-dyed it very very black i heart),
did shopping at pp + tst and got this beautiful purse from zucca,
played katamari damacy on xbox until i got horribly dizzy,
had oh-so-tasty chips at mcdonalds at 12am,
and these made my day ♥

so what have you been doing today love? x

08 April 2010

reconstructed vintage dresses

so here are the dresses ive worked on over the weekend. arent they pretty?
i like the one on the right the most, the bow and the embroidered little daisy are just too adorable ♥ !

what do you reckon love? x

p.s. gonna sell the minty green one with lovely crocheted peter pan collar at my shop cause im far too chubby in this, sadly :( so whos interested? btw its from the pretty paris brand courrèges! made in japan though ;)

05 April 2010

since the day youve been gone

pardon my randomness, i just found this title matches below photo of my little dongb so much.
doesnt he look like a sad little heartbreaker waiting for his little darling? ha ha.

sewing sewing sewing
well... from the mess you can tell ive been working on the pile of vintage dresses need to get sorted,
so finger cross i will get some photos taken of the finished ones to show you very soon ;)

+    +    +    +    +    +   

its been raining all day, and now it goes all blurry and foggy, typical spring weather that i hate.
whenever i see foggy scene like this it just reminds me of silent hill the movie so much  lol! oi wheres the zombie gone?

hope you all had a nice and sunny weekend x

04 April 2010

these scattered flashes of delight can't help but sway your mind.

some photos taken on my phone lately,
and sorry for putting up *poladroidized* ones again (which means they are crappy lol).

luella ♥
 wandering at my favourite shop ;) guess where?

luella ♥
its the lovely LUELLA ♥

bow hair barrette
with my best purchase lately, the lovely golden bow hair barrette on my head.

taste viet!
and good food!!! i love the way hes showing his thumb up, its hilarious!

02 April 2010

five personal habits

okay, so this is what im gonna do. 

my dear sid from i dont like banana has passed me this challenge, i need to write down five personal habits of mine and here they are ♥
(well im not really sure if these should really be catagorized as habits but who cares?)

dolls on trips
1. bringing my lovely dolls on trips for photo taking.

kitty dough
2. putting dough in funny shapes whenever i got chance.

kitties on street
3. talking to random kitties met on street.

beautiful photos
4. collecting photos of beautiful things on my wishlist.

herbs on food
5. having loadssss of herbs on my yunnan noodles. (yeah i know it looks horrible but it just tastes awfully good!)
tips: drinking coke zero would make it a heavenly nice combo too!

6. (a bonus one) youtubing my favourite telly and music all the time :D

my fellow bloggers, just feel free to take this challenge if you want to ;) xx
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